Atlassian provides a freely available to the public, command line interface (CLI) for at least some of the tools in their suite. The CLI downloads and documentation are located here. The scripts include a parameter for the password. The password is used to log into the server. No one wants to, nor should they ever, hard code the password in a script.

Here’s a technique to avoid having to hardcode the password when using one of the Altassian shell scripts:

This script is for use with CLI for Bitbucket.

Here’s an example session:

Session showing contents of script and execution
Session showing contents of script and execution

This technique is not ideal…you have to type in the password each time you execute the script. Also, if you use the CLI for two or more Atlassian tools, you have to maintain a separate script for each. A next step would be to write a new script and pass it a parameter for the tool you want to access and the password.

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