The purpose of this data visualization is to show the density of a measure over time. The measure is an occurrence of a criminal or non-criminal activity or incident reported by the the University of Washington Police Department. The density is the frequency of the measure at a geocoded location over a period of time. What is shown here is, essentially, where officers were called to during the summer of 2013.

This is an example of a CartoDB Torque map. Used alone or with other maps or information, new patterns of human activity are shown and possibly understood for the first time. This map, used in conjunction with a previously completed Tableau viz, are an example of this. The patterns and information easily discernible on these maps without any narrative or explanation would be impossible to discern looking at the same data in tabular format. (The Tableau visualization of this same data is available here on my Tableau Public web site. Feel free to check it out!)

I think it would be interesting to organize the data by day of the week over the period of a year. What are the busiest days of the week, on average, and what types of incidents occur most frequently during different days of the week?

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